Prague - Kbely Airport

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Airport parameters

Runway length
Distance from city centre

2000 m
286 m
35 min

Weather in destination

Prague - Kbely Airport actual weather
time zone summer
GMT +2
time zone winter
GMT +1

Driving directions

Put into GPS navigation: "Mladoboleslavska 902/​5, Kbely, Praha"

Arriving from city centre - follow the Mladoboleslavska street, you will see all the airport buildings on your right hand (museum and big gate for military entries on your right side - do not enter any of the mentionedand drive all the way till the last building of the airport area up to the bigger junction with traffic lights,the GPS should anyway guide you all the way up to this point)

The correct entry gate is just few metres before the above mentioned traffic lights on your right hand (you will see there banner with inscription "AEROTAXI General Aviation”)

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