Flight itself is just the beginning

let also car transfers, helicopter connection, and other services in our hands 

Private flights


Door-to-door with us

Let us prepare you an offer for the limousine service coordinated with your flights. You can choose from several car categories, or just use a taxi. The preferrence is up to you. Or we can even coordinate the flight with you own driver, using real time flight data and most accurate arrival time information. Captain will guide you all the way from the aircraft to the driver. 


Directly to the hotel, or ski slope

There is a lot of destinations, where connection helicopter flight is the right choice. It saves much of the time needed to get from airport to the hotel, compared to the ground transportation. Good example is helicopter flight from Nice airport to Monaco or Saint Tropez. Another one is a flight from Geneva or Grenoble to famous ski resorts such as Courchevel. 

Helicopter hire
Group charter flight


Aircraft branding, flight rider 

Let your company shine already upon arrival of passengers to the terminal. Have your logo displayed on the check-in monitors, as well as on the headreast covers on board of the aircraft along with branded presents. Perfect choice also for the sport teams and fans to cheer up the atmosphere for winning the match. Our team member will be with you on spot to make sure that everything goes smooth. If you want, you can have him or her also flying with you on board.


We have many other aviation skills


ACMI support

When an aircraft technical breakdown occures, it is a hard time for every airline. Our team can quickly react in finding a most suitable replacement aircraft to solve the situation and fly the passengers on time.

Isolation chamber

Medical flights

We can arrange medical flights that can save lives. This was the case when we transported a patient with pulmonary pneumothorax from Olbia to Vienna. 

Flight crew transfers

Urgent flight crew transfers 

When an airline comes into sudden crew shortage and urgently needs to transport other crew members from different home base. We can react very quicly and arrange a private flight to have the crew ready on time for their scheduled flight.

Urgent aircraft spare parts transport
Charter flights

General sales & Marketing agent

Airlines can connect their charter sales with our big and skilled team. We offer complex sales, as well as marketing support, with non-stop reachability. Thanks to this solution, airline does not need any single sales and marketing person in-house. 

Men shake hands

Advisory in aviation

We share our experiance and know-how with your clients to make the right decisions in buing and aircraft, choosing an operator, setting up the series of charter flights, or any other advisory needed.