Group flights

Connect any destination with direct flight. Feel like you have your own airplane. 

Group charter flight


Flight for sport team and fans

Football, hockey, basketball. No matter which sport team travels, we are ready to arrange the right group aircraft to match all the needs. Have your flight schedule set up to be in perfect condition for the important match, as well as fly back home in good time to match next training program. How about booking a bigger seat capacity aircraft to take also sponsors and fans with you? No problem at all, and they even can cover some of the flight costs themselves. 


Flights for travel agencies

We are a partner of many travel agencies that create packages for their clients or solve non-standard transport requirements. We will also become your partner and arrange for you the whole aircraft or just a part of it. Anywhere, on vacation, euroweekends and conferences.

flights for travel agencies
Group charter flight


Comfortable flight to conference or exhibition

Do you plan to visit an important business exhibition or conference abroad? Group flight is a perfect way how to make the trip possible within just one day. No hotels, no difficult travel logistics.This allows to take your business partners and clients with you, as is much easier for them to fit a one day trip into their busy schedule. 


Tailor made flight for orchestra or band for their concert 

Searching for a safe flight for orchestra or band to your concert destination? Our group flight will be tailor made especially to safely handle the music instruments, as you have total control over them all the time.

Group charter flight
Group charter flight


Teambuilding with own airplane

Prepare an extraordinary teambuilding for your employees. Book a group charter flight as the way how they travel to the chosen adventure destination. We will recommend you the suitable airplane. Have a catering and drinks you prefer. Your company logo on cabin headrest covers, as well as on check-in dest, will remind your employees that you take care of them! 


Why to book a group charter flight?

Group charter flight

All fly together

Often there is a problem to find enough flight tickets for the same flight for everybody. Furthermore, on board of group flight, there will be only people you invited. 

Group charter flight

Catering of your choice

Need to make impression also with the catering on board. Let us know what you and your passenegers expect, we will make it happen.

Group charter flight

Our flight rider with you

Our team memeber can guide you all the time if you want to. This allows you to solve all the needs and possible last minute updates with a person right next to you.

Group charter flight

Optional VIP lounge 

While you are sitting in a comfortable lounge, having a nice cup of coffee, it will be the check-in and customs officers who will come to you.

The man is waiting at the check-in counter at the airport

Last minute updates

Naturally you do not know by the time of booking who will be flying in your group. Or Adding or changing a name is not a problem, even on last minute basis with our support.

Group charter flight

Branding of aircraft

Make the aricraft look as if it was from your company hangar. Headrest covers, presents and promo materials with your logo. Add your brand also to the check-in desks. 

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