Flights for
travel agencies

We provide aircraft rental and other additional services.

Flights for travel agencies


How we can help you

Whether you are preparing a package for your clients or solving another non-standard transport requirement, a charter flight is the ideal solution. We will provide you with the entire aircraft according to your needs or part of its seating capacity.

We provide flights mainly to:

  • euro weekends, tours and holidays,
  • fairs and exhibitions,
  • sporting events,
  • corporate training,
  • conference.


Why to choose us

  • You can book part of the aircraft capacity from 10 seats,
  • we are your reliable partner and advisor,
  • we have years of know-how and experience in the field of tourism,
  • you can save a lot of time and worries,
  • we offer tailor-made solutions,
  • we are available non-stop,
  • we react quickly and flexibly,
  • we control and supervise whole process of the entire flight,
  • we monitor the weather and prevent problems.
Private flights
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Who we are

In the air transport and tourism market, we act as a broker who is also your partner. Our aviation-brokerage team is the largest on the Czech and Slovak market. Since the beginning of our operations in 2014, we have become a partner of several travel agencies, business companies, sports clubs and individuals. We flexibly, quickly and completely individually solve even non-standard client requirements.


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