Private flights

Save a lot of time for your business or leisure trips. Be effective and flexible. Enjoy the private aircraft comfort and privacy. 

Private flights


Pets fly with the family 

Pets are important members of the family. We know it. Private jets are here to allow travelling with your pets without any stressful boarding and explanations to other travelers as on a scheduled flight. They will feel on board of private jet like at home. 


Connecting private flight to a scheduled flight

For a long-haul trip we can arrange you a private heavy jet flight, if your budget allows. Anyway, the first class scheduled flight is a great choice as well. However, if you need to have one or more transfer flights, this is the situation when a connection private flight is a great choice to make your trip unforgettable. 

Private flights


Save a lot of your valuable time

Private flights

15 minutes check-in

Leave the long airport waiting time to others. The security check and customs clearance is just a matter of minutes with private flight.

Private flights

Closer to your final destination

Private flight can be dispatched to any suitable airport, which can often be much closer then the one operated by scheduled flights. 

Private flights

Pets on board

Your dogs, cats and other pets become our valuable passenegers. They are important family members and will enjoy the flight too. 

Private flights

Aditional services 

Our clients experience our complex information service throghout the flight. We take care also for arrangements of car transfers, helicopter flight or any other service needed.

Private flights


Changes in schedule? Always ready to adjust the flight 24 hours a day.

Private flights

Safety first

Our aircraft and crew is always certified for commercial air transportation. This ensures enhanced safety and flight procedures, and also involves regular safety audits performed by aviation authorities.

Private flights


Time efficient business trip

Meeting your business partner personally is still very important for successful business. You can easily waste two valuable working days travelling by non-direct bad scheduled airline connection along with hotel overnight. And usually your destination is just one hour and half direct flight by private jet. Driver will be waiting for you at the destination airport to get you to your final meeting point. And if your meeting ends earlier or later then planned, crew will be ready for both. Have your morning coffee on board of a private jet and dinner with your family back home. 


Private flight for holiday  

Would you like to have a holiday at the seaside but there is simply too much work and ten days off are out of the question? You still find a free weekend, so just include a private jet service and your nice seaside holiday is solved. You will have all your work done till friday afternoon, go directly from work and meet your family at airport terminal. Ten minutes to get to the aircraft, dinner on board and nice sunset already on the beach with your family. 

Prices of private flights


How much does a private flight cost

The price of each flight is set individually based on the client's request. If you choose a private flight, you book the entire aircraft, not just the seat. This means not only the machine itself, but also the crew that is at your disposal. Many variables play a role in the pricing, such as the number of passengers, the type of aircraft chosen, but also the length of the route or the possible need to refuel during the journey. See example prices of private flights to popular destinations.


Words from our customers

Hi Peter! Thank all of you for your work on this flight. I especially appreciated the information about the progress of the actual flight. From the airline arrival to the guide person to the dogs to the departure. Very nice! The passengers were happy too! Here is what they had to say: “Everything worked out great! Thank you again for your help, it was a great crew and very nice flight.” I hope to work with your team again soon.....excellent experience! Thank you!
Curt P., travel agent
Dear Team, I would like to pass on feedback from my clients: "It was a great trip and the small machine is very cute and comfortable, even a little more comfortable than the bigger private jets. Nice pilots and good operator. Everything clean, great flight, great catering bought for us." Thanks a lot, Lina
Lina K., travel agent
Dear peter Thk y for the service u provided Everything was great Thk u Sent from my iPhone
Ahmed N., passenger

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