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Charter Advisory


Contracting only with certified air carriers

We guarantee to our clients flying only with certified air carriers. Aircraft maintenance and crew training needs to follow strict safety rules. Along with our checks on the documentation, aircraft operators need to pass regular safety audits performed by civil aviation authorities.


We follow the motto to be one step ahead. 


Passion for aviation, ferocity and honesty are turning our engines on.


New flight, new challenge

Our goal is to recommend a most suitable aircraft for the required trip. Often, we have extra ideas on how to set up the timing, what airport is the closest to the destination, and also take care of the ground transfers and other services needed. When we have a first time custumer, we always ensure to inform about all details needed to know to make a smooth private or group flight arrangement. No matter if we fly the same route as yesterday, our approach is to concentrate on each trip as a unique one. 

Charter Advisory


Our values


Professional work underlined by fair pricing.


Our experience allows us to work above your expectations also in very urgent situations.


We only book an aircraft with highest safety level for you. This is achieved by air operator certificate license granted to all of our partner operators.


Constructive thinking is case-to-case routine, as well as difficult situations.


Charter market predators but with a big heart.


Quick feedback, non-stop support.


Direction we have to follow is based on our own ideas only.


Your privacy is safe with us. A guarantee of discretion is a matter of course.


Get to know our team

Martin Feč

Martin Feč


Martin became fully immersed in the topic of air transport during his studies at the University of Economics in Bratislava. Apart from his reliable nose for new business opportunities, he is also challenged by new air transport options and more complicated requirements. He has been in aviation since 2008. His biggest relaxation is escaping into nature, meditation and time with his family.

Peter Duchovný

Peter Duchovný

Flight Quality Director

Peter is a fan of flying through and through. He studied aviation, is a sport pilot of gliders and enjoys it a lot. He practically grew up at the airport and it's in his genes. At Charter Advisory, he works to improve workflows for better client service. He has been in private aviation since 2009.

Michaela Bečanová

Michaela Bečanová

Senior Flight Consultant 

Míša is a traveler in body and soul. She spent a five-year career as a flight attendant and more than six years of living abroad. If she doesn't travel, she takes photos and spends time with her family or friends. She makes full use of her many years of experience in the world of aviation and tourism in her work as a Flight Consultant.

Petr Tůma

Petr Tůma

Flight Consultant

Since childhood, Petr likes to play sports, travel and discover new places. Aviation is his heart's desire and is in his blood, as well as several members of his family. He received his aviation education at university. At Charter Advisory he takes care of arranging private flights exactly according to the client´s wishes. 

Pavol Petnuch

Pavol Petnuch

Head of Cargo Division

Pavol studied aviation at universities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Over time, he took a liking to the field and became a fan of aircraft. He came to work with air cargo through a graduate position at a corporate freight forwarding company. He enjoys solving logistical problems during his working days, and in his free time he recharges his energy with sports.

Filip Řenč

Filip Řenč

Cargo Specialist

Filip stands out as an air freight specialist thanks to his careful attention to detail, strategic thinking and deep knowledge of logistics. His ability to navigate complex transportation networks ensures timely and efficient delivery of goods, while his talent for problem solving allows him to easily address unforeseen challenges. He enjoys spending his free time being active with his family in the outdoors and has no secret passion for running.

Tomáš Přikryl

Tomáš Přikryl

Finance Manager

Tomáš wanted to be a military pilot by the age of 18, just like his grandfather, who often took him to the airport when he was a child. However, he decided to pursue economics and finance, which he has been doing professionally for almost 25 years after graduating from university. At our company he is responsible for everything around finance and economics.

Kateřina Mezerová

Kateřina Mezerová

HR Business Partner

Katka has HR in her DNA. Working with people is the most important thing to her, and has been since college. Her work experience in large companies has only confirmed that everything is still about people, working with them, and taking care of them. However, she doesn't just live for work, she's an active person who's always running around with her dog, loves the pool, and socializing is the spice of life for her. She may catch you in an interview and never let you go...

Adéla Furiková

Adéla Furiková

Marketing Manager

Adéla launched her professional career in the field of marketing, even though she studied property appraisal at a university. Her work includes preparing various projects that allow her to develop creative thinking and strategic skills, which is what she enjoys the most. Outside of work, she likes to spend time with her dog, and when she has free time, she enjoys traveling. Her favorite destination is Australia, where a part of her family lives.

Zuzana Koubová

Zuzana Koubová

Finance Accountant

Zuzka is an experienced billing and finance professional in an aviation company. With a passion for nature, travel and design, she brings a creative approach and innovative thinking to her work. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the new opportunities and challenges that life brings. Her passion for exploring and expanding her horizons constantly motivates her to achieve new successes.


Words from our customers

Hi Peter! Thank all of you for your work on this flight. I especially appreciated the information about the progress of the actual flight. From the airline arrival to the guide person to the dogs to the departure. Very nice! The passengers were happy too! Here is what they had to say: “Everything worked out great! Thank you again for your help, it was a great crew and very nice flight.” I hope to work with your team again soon.....excellent experience! Thank you!
Curt P., travel agent
Dear Team, I would like to pass on feedback from my clients: "It was a great trip and the small machine is very cute and comfortable, even a little more comfortable than the bigger private jets. Nice pilots and good operator. Everything clean, great flight, great catering bought for us." Thanks a lot, Lina
Lina K., travel agent
Dear peter Thk y for the service u provided Everything was great Thk u
Ahmed N., passenger