Karlovy Vary Airport

Airport Karlovy Vary is an international public civil airport, which is the fifth largest in the Czech Republic. The plan is to develop the airport that can accept large transport aircraft such as Airbus A310, Airbus A330, Boeing 767-300 or Boeing 747.

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Airport parameters

Runway length
Distance from city centre

2150 m
606 m
11 min

Weather in destination

Karlovy Vary Airport actual weather
time zone summer
GMT +2
time zone winter
GMT +1

Airport location

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Airport Mnichovo Hradiste is an international civil airport near Mnichovo Hradiste in the Central region. It is eligible for aircraft up to 25 tonnes. The airport facilities allow passengers to check in and provide fuel. In addition to flying, the airport is also used for car racing, parachute jumps and test drives.

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