Fairchild Metro

Fairchild, a Canadian manufacturer, designed the Metro to fulfill the task of transporting a group of passengers on a shorter distance and at minimal cost. Due to the shorter stay of passengers on board, the cabin is designed to be less spacious. This private jet is a great choice for passengers who are not satisfied with the scheduled service, whether it be the time of departure or the number of seats available.

Technical specifications

Aircraft category: turboprop airliner


number of seats

459 km/​h

cruise speed

1760 km


Max. altitude
Max. take off weight

7620 m
14.1 m
18 m
5 m
7484 kg

Interior and service

Cabin dimensions

142 cm


157 cm


1008 cm


5125 l

luggage compartment

Flight attendant
Hot catering

Maximum aircraft range

1760 km

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