Zilina Airport

Žilina - Dolný Hričov International Airport is located west of the Slovak city Žilina. The airport is used for international and domestic purposes, as well as for private, sport, ambulatory and other special flights.

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Airport parameters

Runway length
Distance from city centre

1150 m
311 m
17 min

Weather in destination

Zilina Airport actual weather
time zone summer
GMT +2
time zone winter
GMT +1

Airport location

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Bratislava - M. R. Stefanik Airport

Bratislava International Airport or Bratislava International Airport M. R. Štefánika is the main international airport in Slovakia. Currently, the airport consists of three terminals and has two runways.

Kosice Airport

Kosice Airport is the international airport, which is the second largest airport in Slovakia in terms of the number of passengers handled and regular services operated. The largest aircraft capable of landing here are the Boeing 767 and the Airbus A310.

Piestany Airport

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