The most frequently asked questions about private flights.

You ask and we answer. We have prepared a list of the most frequently asked questions about private flights that you are interested in and want to know the answer to. Whether it's a payment method, the price of a private flight, booking the plane itself or taking you to the airport.

Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to fly on a private plane?

The price of a private jet flight depends on the length of stay at the destination, the size of the aircraft, the destination, the availability of the aircraft on the market and seasonality. For example, a flight from Prague to Zurich for 4 people with a one-week stay costs EUR 9 950, while the same flight to the Seychelles costs EUR 155 000.

Does the flight price include refreshments (catering)?

Refreshments are always included in the flight price. For flights under 2 hours, for example, variations of snacks, cut fruit and drinks are served. For longer flights over 3 hours, hot snacks are already served. For long-haul flights, a multi-course menu is served as standard during the flight.

How is the payment processed?

The payment must be transferred to our account always before the flight. We recommend to pay the full amount 4 days before departure. It is possible to pay in EUR, CZK and USD by transfer to our account or by credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex).

How far in advance do I need to book my flight?

We are able to arrange a private flight 3 - 4 hours after receiving the enquiry. We recommend you book at least a week in advance due to the availability of aircraft on the market and the possibility of getting a better price offer. Group flights for larger numbers of people should be booked several months in advance due to aircraft availability.

Is the flight safe?

We only work with verified air carriers that meet strict safety criteria and hold a valid AOC license for commercial air transport.

Are all the planes yours?

We are a brokerage company and therefore we do not physically own any aircraft. We are not limited by the size and type of our own fleet, therefore we are able to provide any aircraft according to the client's requirements.

Where can I fly and to which airports?

Most of the flights we arrange are within Europe. However, we can also arrange long-haul flights to exotic destinations, domestic flights to the USA or Asia. Airports are selected based on the client's wishes, but mainly on technical parameters, so that we can land/take off safely with the aircraft at the airport.

When do I have to be at the airport?

We recommend arriving at the airport approximately 15 - 20 minutes before departure.

Will there be a stewardess on board?

A flight attendant is present on board from the midsize jet category.

Do I need to bring my travel documents with me?

Yes. In some cases, an ID card is enough, but a passport is required for non-European flights. We always inform the client in advance of the need and type of travel documents.

Can I travel with children and pets?

Yes. Travel with children and pets is possible. Pets must be announced in advance and approved by the captain.

What if I'm late for my flight?

We need to be contacted so that the flight crew knows when to expect passengers.

Is there a limit on the size and number of luggage?

It depends on the size of the aircraft and therefore the volume of the luggage compartment. In some cases, golf bags, skis, cross-country skis or musical instruments, for example, can be transported without problems.

Can someone help me with my luggage?

The luggage will be handled by the crew or someone from our team.

Is it possible to use the phone and internet during the flight?

Telephone calls can be made from a satellite phone if available. In the case of Wi-Fi connection on board, it is possible to be on the internet, but it is usually only available in the heavy jets category.

Will I have a transfer to/from the airport?

We are able to provide the service, but it must be booked in advance. Transfer is not included in the price of the flight.

How are bad weather or aircraft technical problems handled?

We inform all our clients about the weather the day before departure and on the day of departure. In case of bad weather disabling safe departure/arrival, we look for alternative solutions (e.g. car transport). In exceptional cases, a technical problem with the aircraft may disable departure. In that case we will find an alternative aircraft as soon as possible.

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