Why is multi engine aircraft safer

Safety first

Such words are presented by each airline around the world. Not many of them also describe, what exactly is behind this statement. Let us have a short introduction to aircraft safety, specifically to the engines in this article.

First stage of the aircraft engine safety and reliability is the high-​tech quality of materials and assembly procedure. Newly developed engine has a long certification process. It is tested in extremely  rough conditions and must work without any single failure. Once mounted on airplane, it passes regualr technical inspections, as well.

Second, and same important, is the crew training for engine failure situation. We will focus more on this.

So why is multi engine aircraft safer then single engine?

The reason why 2 or more engines are used for commercial aircraft is not the overall high performance and highest possible speed. It is the safety that plays key role. Multi engine aircraft is designed to fly still safe in case engine failure occures. For commercial air transportation, multi engine aircraft is compulsury, along with air carrier certificate granted to its operator.

Did you know? Flight planning, which includes calculations of maximum take off weight, runway length, and climb performance, always takes into account engine failure situation. So every single flight, no matter if all seats on borad are occupied, must be planned to ensure save flight in case engine failure occures. Very important is of course also crew training for such situation. Commercial pilots are well trained and must pass a simulator engine failure flight on regular basis. 

Single engine aircraft play also very important role in aviation. Their primary purpose is flight training, private and sport flying, but are not designed for commercial passenger flights. Some of the single engine aircraft proved excellent reliability and recently became approved for commercial flight too, e.g. the Pilatus PC-​12 aircraft

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