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The world has changed in recent months, and we also, a bit. We primarily focus on the providing of private flights based on the clients requirements, whether they are individuals or companies. We are able to provide clients with a small private plane for 4 people, but also a plane for 150 passengers, in which companies can stylishly start a trip to a conference, or, as has been the most common in recent weeks, passengers can also use it to return home immediately. We do not own aircraft, but we have even greater possibilities and we are able to provide a suitable aircraft anywhere in the world under predetermined conditions. You probably already know our team, and if not, you can know most of us here.

How we started with repatriation flights

Along with the spread of coronavirus, many changes occurred as if by waving a magic wand. For example closing national borders, a travel ban, or thousands of canceled flights. Some restrictions occurred day by day and many people around the world remained imprisoned in foreign countries, from where they were very limited or no opportunities to return home.

We reacted quickly and decided to help. We knew that not everyone could afford to pay for a private flight, which starts at several thousand euros, so our goal was to connect as many passengers from one destination as possible and transport them back home. That is why we created a Flyhome project, thanks to which passengers could participate in paying for the provided aircraft. It was an even bigger challenge for our small team, which we accepted and worked with great dedication NONSTOP from our homes. Social networks and the strength of the community of people were really important to us same as the support of airports, embassies, ministries and others, thanks to which we were able to help launch the project together.

We processed all the agenda connected with the sale of seats on the plane manually until the time when we started cooperation with the Israeli company Aero CRS. Based on their possibilities and experience, we created an online reservation system tailored to this non-standard project in a very short time. In the system, passengers could conveniently and in the current time purchase their ticket for a given repatriation flight. Thanks to this solution, we were able to speed up the operation of processes and make the reservation process more pleasant.

You can see what our reservation system looks like HERE.
You can also read more about our cooperation with Aero CRS HERE.

Realized flights

Since the launch of the Flyhome project, we have received thousand requests from individuals around the world who wanted to return home. However, we could not help everyone, whether it was small groups of people located too far apart, ever-changing legislative restrictions, or our internal capacities. It was also not just up to us and the public interest, because all our flights had to be permitted by the relevant authorities and had to have a special humanitarian status.

Since March, despite significant restrictions, 9 flights between Slovakia and the United Kingdom, where a number of Slovak citizens are studying or working, have been successfully realized. Many of them got stuck in the UK visiting family or friends, some lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis, or they needed to return to work. We carried hundreds of passengers in both directions between Bratislava and London, whether they were Slovak or British citizens.

However, we did not stay only in Europe and in cooperation with other countries we organized a repatriation flight between Washington, USA and Bratislava. On this flight, citizens of the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary also arrived in Bratislava and were further transported to their countries. Thanks to the cooperation with the German company Result Group, we were able to participate in the next 2 flights from Panama and 1 from Bogota, Colombia. All 3 flights went to Frankfurt Airport in Germany and were completely sold out due to high interest.

List of realized flights

London - Bratislava
20. 3. 2020
24. 3. 2020
5. 4. 2020
11. 5. 2020
25. 5. 2020
Bratislava - London
24. 3. 2020
5. 4. 2020
11. 5. 2020
25. 5. 2020
Washington - Bratislava
26. 3. 2020
Bogota - Frankfurt
17. 6. 2020
Panama - Frankfurt
26. 5. 2020
17. 6. 2020

References from our passengers

We really appreciate all our passengers who chose us for their way back home, and even more those who find the time to tell us a few nice words. You can read some of the passenger references below.

Interesting numbers

Total number of flights: 13

Total number of flight hours: 60

Total number of passengers carried: 1 865

Total number of transported children (0 - 12 years): 151

Total number of transported pets: 28

They wrote about us

Mentions of us and our flights have appeared in a wide range of media, whether online or offline. We have selected a few articles mostly in Slovak where you can find out more.