Easter Island and Tahiti by private jet

Exotic destinations attract travelers worldwide with their unique nature and culture, and we have been part of one of our clients' unforgettable adventures. We've taken care of the flight to two of the world's most beautiful and remote destinations: Easter Island and Tahiti. Take a look at how we handled this aviation project.

Dream destination: Easter Island

Easter Island is on many travelers' bucket lists. It's the most isolated inhabited corner of the world, famous for its mysterious giant stone statues. A place where the energies of the ocean and the universe are concentrated in an almost tangible form. The stunning beauty of nature - volcanic craters, wild surf cliffs, caves, lava tunnels, and the exclusive beaches of Ovahe and Anakena

Easter Island is home to the world's most remote airport – Matarevi. This was a challenge in itself for us. Pilots who meet strict requirements can land at this airport. So we had to find a suitable operator who meets these safety requirements.

A tropical idyll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Tahiti

When we think of French Polynesia, most of us think of idyllic white-sand beaches and wooden bungalows on the water, with the dramatic silhouette of Mount Orohena looming before us. If you're looking for a true paradise on Earth, this is where you might find it. What many travelers don't know, however, is that Tahiti isn't just a place with endless white beaches; on the contrary, most of its coastline is black. Tahiti is the heart of French Polynesia, where the cultures of the surrounding islands intermingle and meet in the smiling capital of Papeete.

The strong winds and the time shift tested us, but thanks to our experienced team and the cooperation of local agents, we made it through with flying colors. Our clients reached these exotic locations on a Bombardier Challenger 350, a more modern and technologically advanced version of the original Challenger 300.

It has eight comfortable seats that are positioned to give each passenger the best view and can be folded out into a three-bed position. Access to the luggage compartment during flight is also a great advantage.

If you're planning a similar adventure, contact us. We're here to ensure you have a safe and comfortable flight to your dream destinations.