Aircraft age and safety

Aircraft age and safety

The age of the aircraft, along with number of take-off and landing cycles, is a parameter, that does not affect the operational safety, provided that the aircraft is well and correctly maintained.  If trying to imagine the condition of aircraft of a certain age, comparation to the same-aged car is definitely not a good idea. Or maybe it would be, but only if the system of maintenance of the car was the same quality as the one of the aircraft.

Private jets operated on local Czech and Slovak market are at the average age of 10 years. It is absolutely not any high number though, and compared to other coutries the fleet here is really relatively young.

All the aircraft units, such as engines, undercarriage, avionics and frame itself, have strictly set system of checks on regular basis, and are tested for proper funcionality. Also there is a certain life span prescribed for every part, so it is changed well before any fatigue malfunction should occure.

During the aircraft operation, especially if the yearly flight hours are higher, operators are aware that it is important to keep the aircraft in shape also visually. Therefore interior passes refurbishments, and combined with new exterior painting, you would say aircraft looks just like it came from the production line.

Aircraft are designed for very long life span, and furthermore, every new model of the particular manufacturer often has many parts in common with the previous one. This is caused by very complex and time and money consuming certification process of  the parts, and also common parts can ensure easier future maintenace of many models.

The quality and durability of aircraft is a result of very hard development process.  Let’s have a look at a very promissing Hondajet, which the certification for commercial air service in 2015. However the maiden flight of Hondajet prototype is dated back to 2002! In 2011 there was a first flight of finalized model for production.

Honda Jet - light jet for 4-5 passengers

Sometimes we notice feedback from our clients, that they are only interested in chartering a jet aircraft, and do not want to be offered an „OLD TURBOPROP“.

The thing is, that such opinion is simply inaccurate, as propeller driven aircraft play, and always will play an important role in aviation, and are developed with same intention for quality, safety and comfort as the jets are. So question is, what is the reason why? They are slower then jets...Well, the main and huge advantage compared to jets is the effectiveness of propeller for short take-off and landings. Props are able to reach airports where jets simply cannot appear. And furthermore, turpoprops are way more fuel efficient then jets of the same size are, so can offer much lower operational costs and therefore best deal for charer price for the customer. Especially for shorter flights, where flight time diferrence compared to jet is not that big. E.g. compared to 1 hour flight on jet , turboprop will be just 10 mins slower.

Our charter flight offer contains all necessary aircraft information and you will have more options to choose from along with our guidance for the right choice for your flight. We care about the quality of our partner operators, feel free to contact us any time and see how we work.

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